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About Us

My adventure in technology started at an early age. I remember growing up with a Commodore 64, and Nintendo consoles (we still have them!). We had tonnes of games and were lucky in that my parents enjoyed tech too. In 1995, our family got its first PC. A Pentium 100. 8MB of RAM. I bugged the crap out of the sales guy who came and set it up and walked us through the Windows 95 OS. I also really loved pulling stuff a part. I wasn’t brave enough to do it to the PC till a couple of years later, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. Through out the years my love expanded for tech. The high schools I attended had awesome computer labs and staff that feed me with knowledge.

Jumping ahead a few years I went to TAFE and studied Advance Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering. 2000 hours over 2 years. Programming, Networking, Electronics. This was fantastic!

In 2005 I started working in the technology retail industry. The people I were working for had contracts with a few companies for repair work. I got to travel right around the Albury/Wodonga region.

In 2006 I moved to Canberra and started working for a computer shop in Belconnen. My responsibility increased throughout the years. I ended that time taking care of the external contracting companies and the IT needs for the businesses that need a bit extra attention. I spent huge amounts of time learning all I could about server and network infrastructure and keeping my mind wide open for new things.  I Spent 9 years working there.

It was then time to move on.

I was handed the option to take the IT and contracting clients and with their assistance and confidence, I started my sole trading enterprise ‘Chris can Fix IT’.

‘Chris can Fix It’ flourished. Within a month, we had enough clients to  make the venture viable. With the help of some fantastic contractors from ‘Bluestar communications’, ‘Ian Salter Electrics’ and ‘Advanced Tech Automotive Equipment’, I was able to take on more complicated work. Installing digital signage, music systems, all the fun stuff. Over the next year we picked up another 30 clients and another contracting company. The tasks that they threw at me were awesome. I learned about hugely complicated environments. I learnt more in 18 months then I had in the last 5 years!

When I started out on my own, I expected more repair and sales work, but as we grew I realized that my client base was growing to be almost exclusively small business IT and contracting agencies. This is where I started to focus and developed a standard environment for small businesses to have. Focusing on security, ease of use, reliability and minimize ongoing cost. I knew that the competition had monthly fees and I knew my clients hated that idea! So, we instead only billed for work performed.

By September 2017, the workload had become too great for me to handle on my own. And with my friend Peter at ‘Into Tomorrow’ Accounting, and with my wife Michelle, we formed our company ‘I/O Infotech’, taking over from ‘Chris can Fix IT’ on the 1st of January 2018.

We continue to grow, and I continue to learn.  We believe in forming relationships with our clients and contractors.

In supporting them, they support us. And we thank them for the opportunity.


Chris Simmons

Director & Owner

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