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Security & Filtration

A multi teared approach

Security is no joking matter. The cyber world is a terrifying place.

I/O's approach to small business security is to tackle threats from many vectors. Bringing enterprise class security without breaking your budget.

The products we recommend are chosen based on merit, not just reputation. 

  • Bitdefender has a proven record in security. Used to protect your endpoints.
  • DNS filtration. Helps prevent going to bad URL's, and features category blocking for your workplace
  • Intrusion prevention network firewalls protect your infrastructure.
  • Data Encryption on servers, NAS units, PC's and mobile devices
  • Two-Factor signing boosts security on web accessible portals.
  • Setting up rules in Office 365 to limit data exposure.

Used all together, these security mechanisms protect your data and your clients information. We can supply and assist in deploying these technologies.

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